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Top Ways to Spruce Up Your Office This Spring

Top Ways To Spruce Up Your Office This Spring

Everyone thinks about spring cleaning when it comes to your home. However, most people spend at least eight hours of their day at work. Why not consider spring cleaning your office or cubicle? Many studies have found that harmful germs and bacteria live in cubicles, and there are many reasons for this, according to an Olathe commercial cleaning service.

  • People do not typically clean or disinfect their cubicles regularly
  • Lunch, snacks, and drinks are often eaten in the cubicle leaving behind crumbs or old food
  • Dust mites, spills, and stains on furniture are often not cleaned up properly throughout the year

So, where should you start when cleaning your cubicle this spring?

Start by Decluttering

Now is a great time to get rid of all those old papers you don’t need anymore, books you will never read, or other mementos that aren’t serving a purpose anymore. Create a filing system for all those papers that are on piles.

Many people are worried about filing papers away because they will forget about them, according to an office cleaning service in Olathe. No need to worry; create a filing system on top of your desk. It will help you stay organized and keep paperwork handy.

Throw away all those old pencils, pens, erasers that are dirty, don’t work, or are almost gone. Invest in some new pens or pencils that work. This will also boost your morale to have new work supplies to do your tasks. Choose some with a fun design or that write smoothly to really increase your productivity.

Olathe commercial cleaning service

Clean Your Space Yourself or Hire an Office Cleaning Service in Olathe

Now that you have your cubicle or office space decluttered and everything neatly tucked away, it’s time to clean. Pay close attention and use the appropriate cleaners for the surfaces. An Olathe commercial cleaning service has the right cleaners to do the job without damaging surfaces, so if you are unsure what to use, be sure to call an expert to do the job right.

Wipe down all the surfaces, being sure not to forget about drawer handles, phones, door handles, and light switches. These are the key spaces that get touched all throughout the day and by many people. Consider using green cleaning services in Olathe to get not only a great clean but a healthy clean also.

Add Inspiration to Your Space

No matter what job you do, it helps to have a space that is inspiring. It’s a good idea to:

  • Print an inspirational quote
  • Buy a new frame, or change out that old picture to a new updated one
  • Add a new plant for your desk that is the right size for your space
  • Add a new desk organizer in your favorite color or pattern
  • Purchase a calendar that is your favorite style

Olathe commercial cleaning service

At MC Janitorial, we offer superior cleaning and janitorial services in Olathe. We have you cleaning needs covered for office buildings, restaurants, retail stores, or medical office cleaning in Olathe. We always deliver a clean and healthier work environment with an unmatched hassle-free experience.

Give us a call at (913) 488-9211 or visit our website to fill out a form for a free quote on our services today!

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