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Most Overlooked Areas in An Office to Clean

Most Overlooked Areas In An Office To Clean

Offices are full of germs as sometimes a few to a few hundred people use the space to work, eat and do the daily task. It is a proven fact that there are more germs on a desk surface than there are on a toilet seat. Keeping this in mind, think about all the people that touch that desk or something that’s been placed on it. Desks are often covered with papers and items that prevent a good wipe down. Here are a few more examples of other overlooked areas:


The whole office often uses a printer. That means everyone is touching the printer levers and buttons throughout the day and multiple times a day. Dust often accumulates around electronics, and printers are no exception. It’s difficult to clean behind and around this area, and it’s often forgotten about.

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Light Switches and Doors

Light switches and doors are touched multiple times a day by the whole office. Disinfecting each one takes more time than most cleaning companies are willing to devote. At MC Janitorial, a commercial cleaning service in Overland Park, we are careful to clean all surfaces to kill the most germs and bacteria possible.

The Breakroom

People eat, sometimes sleep, use the restroom, and other activities on lunch breaks and periodic breaks. This lends itself to lots of bacteria from expired food and growing bacteria. Surfaces such as microwaves, sinks, and doors all harbor more than the average number of bacteria. Janitorial service in Overland Parktakes the time to clean this area specifically is essential to keeping a healthy office.

Windows and Blinds

Although they do not harbor bacteria, blinds do harbor large amounts of dust and not only make the office feel dingy but will also cause harmful dust particles and even mites that harm the air in the office. The best janitorial services in Overland Park, MC Janitorial, ensures that even the most overlooked spaces in the office get cleaned.


Air vents and other venting areas are full of dust and allergens, and other chemicals pulled from throughout the building. Paying particular attention to clearing this area will help the office smell and breathe cleaner, says the best janitorial services in Overland Park.

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Fake or Real Greenery

No matter if the greenery is fake or real, it collects dust and mold spores from being watered. If you don’t’ have a service looking after the plants, it can cause a rotting smell and other issues that damage the air.

Trash Cans

Trash cans are often full of all things germs. People often miss the trash and get food and other items spilled around the sides. This causes the smell and bacteria to grow over time. If you have to touch the trash can, everyone in the office uses it and touches the bacteria and spreads it around the office. Taking the care to clean this area is something that MC Janitorial, a commercial cleaning service in Overland Park, is happy to do.

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Staying ahead of the game and hiring a commercial cleaning service in Overland Park, like MC Janitorial, actually saves money by creating a much healthier environment for your employees, which translates to less sick time and happier employees. Call us today at 913-780-0731 or visit our website to schedule a consultation or hear how MC Janitorial can benefit your business.



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