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Janitorial Services for Commercial Clients in Kansas

Providing cleaner workspaces in Kansas City and surrounding areas

Entrust your facility’s cleanliness to the pros. MC Janitorial has been providing commercial janitorial services in Kansas City for over 35 years.

We don’t just aim to make your establishments look clean. We ensure that they are clean down to the microscopic level. How do we do this? We use our special UV MC Lights to double check our work to make sure everything is actually clean!

We are not a franchise and we do not employ subcontractors. Instead, we are a Green-cleaning certified business with a company-trained, team-based workforce. We’ll get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Our obsession with providing cleaner workspaces comes in part from our founding family’s medical lab testing experience. So yes, we know something about cleaner and healthier spaces!

Our commercial janitorial services in Kansas will leave your facility spotless. Since our goal is to transform building maintenance in the eyes of our clients, we turn your negative expense into a positive investment. One that generates a return in improved tenant and employee retention, improved tenant and employee health, a visually appealing work environment and reduced time spent on maintenance issues.

We specialize in commercial, industrial, medical, educational and retail clients, providing complete janitorial services, building maintenance and supplies and construction clean-up.

How Can MC Janitorial Bring Maximum Clean To Your Business?
Appearing Clean Vs Being Clean
Appearing Clean vs Being Clean

This picture was taken in a facility being cleaned by a competitor. You can see the difference between appearing clean and being clean. Our cleaning teams are trained and take great pride in providing cleaner and healthier spaces. And we use our MC Lights to inspect our work and ensure we are delivering on our promise. And when asked, we can inspect our competitors’ work, too.

Subcontractors Vs Trained And Supervised Team
Subcontractors vs Trained and Supervised Team

Unlike most janitorial and building maintenance companies, MC Janitorial does not employ sub-contractors but rather a trained and certified staff of cleaning teams led by our own onsite supervisors. The result is a more reliable, hassle-free service experience and a work environment that is visibly and measurably cleaner, healthier and more satisfying. It’s Maximum Clean.


Cleaner & Healthier Without Compromise

Most commercial janitorial services have a need for speed. They’re paying subcontractors by the hour. Many use harsh chemicals that might clean a little faster but don’t clean any better. In fact, if you want to both clean AND disinfect, speed is the last thing you want. Disinfectants need time to work.

The green solutions and microfiber materials we use clean as good or better than the chemicals used by others. And our employee teams are able to take the time needed to both clean for looks and clean for better health. No compromises.

MC Janitorial Certified: Cleaner and Healthier Places to Be (a.k.a. Our Clients)
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