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Places Germs Hide in Your Workplace According to a Commercial Cleaning Service in Kansas City

Places Germs Hide In Your Workplace According To A Commercial Cleaning Service In Kansas City

Being exposed to germs is often a given in the wintertime, especially if you work in an office. Common illnesses this time of year include the flu, colds, and now we have the Covid-19 pandemic to deal with. If your workplace isn’t properly disinfected, you may end up with a good chunk of your staff being out sick.

It’s a good idea as an employer to ask yourself, “How can I keep my employees safe and work production high during peak season?” One of the top ways to keep everyone health is to hire commercial cleaning services in Kansas City to thoroughly clean your office and kill any hidden germs.

Here are some of the most common places that germs hide in your office space:

The Breakroom

Anytime you have shared space amongst many employees, you can be assured there will be germs left behind. According to one of the top janitorial services in Kansas City, refrigerator handles, expired food, and coffee makers all make it to the top of the list of breakroom germ spreaders. When almost everyone in the office touches one space throughout the day, this can contribute to the spread.

Another way to spread germs is when many people are eating, drinking, and wiping their faces–then touch items around the room. This only adds to the danger of a breakroom and increases the need for an office cleaning service in Kansas City.

commercial cleaning services in Kansas City

Your Copier and Other Shared Work Equipment

When you have a shared work item such as a copier or workstation, this can be a hot spot for germs to spread. A commercial janitorial company in Kansas City will thoroughly sanitize these spaces to protect everyone. However, if you plan to keep your office clean this winter, try daily wiping these items down with cleaning products that are safe for electronics. This will keep all items clean that are commonly touched, like buttons, doorknobs, and handles.

The Conference Rooms and Cubicles

If your office has a conference room, you have an area workers and guests gather, and any of them could be carrying germs from outside your office. It’s important to wipe off the tables and chairs after each day to make sure that it’s safe from germs. Hiring an office cleaning service in Kansas City is a great way to keep work areas sanitized so you can stay on top of winter sickness.

Door Handles and Stair Rails

Essentially, anything that a person would continually touch throughout the day should be wiped down and sanitized with the proper cleaner. You can also hire a professional office cleaning service in Kansas City to do this for you.

If you think about how many people touch doorknobs or stair rails throughout the day, it could be well into the thousands. The number of germs that these spaces hold is incredible. Therefore, you must wipe down these spots at least once a week with cleaner and a rag to make sure to reduce the risk of office illness.

commercial cleaning services in Kansas City

At MC Janitorial, one of the leading commercial cleaning services in Kansas City and throughout the metro, we have set a higher stander for clean for the past 35 years. We don’t just make your space look clean but ensure at a microscopic level your space is safely sanitized from germs and illnesses to protect your staff and customers.

Give us a call at (913) 488-9211 or visit our website to fill out our form for a free quote on our cleaning services. We look forward to hearing from you!


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