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The Significance of Restroom Cleaning for Businesses

The Significance Of Restroom Cleaning For Businesses

Regular restroom cleaning is often underappreciated. But the reality is that your restroom cleaning or commercial cleaning habits will have a direct impact on your business! Studies suggest that majority people avoid restaurants due to unfavorable restroom experiences. Quite surprising, right? An untidy and unhygienic restroom can create a negative impression on your business and you could end up even losing customers.

How Customers Perceive your Business?

Imagine you walk into a bathroom at a restaurant, and you notice the floor is dirty, there’s no toilet paper, and its smelly and gross. You would probably leave the place immediately. If they don’t pay importance to cleaning the restroom, how clean will their kitchen be? As per the study by Harris Interactive, 88% of people visiting restaurants believe restrooms are a clear reflection of the restaurant’s overall hygiene. This is true for other kinds of business too.

Important Tips to Clean your Restroom

  1. Collect trash & dump them appropriately. Empty trash cans often.
  2. Fill toilet paper, toilet seat covers and dispensers.
  3. Clean urinals, stalls, doors, walls and cabinets using recommended dispensers.
  4. Clean the drain to remove odor.
  5. Clean fans, light switches, vents and mirrors.

Hire Custodial Services

For those who couldn’t dedicate much time for restroom cleaning, hiring a professional custodial service will be a good idea. Such cleaning experts will have the knack to effectively clean your restrooms using the best cleaning equipment and ecofriendly cleaning methods. They help you save time and money in the process.

Restroom cleaning not just helps with customer retention but also brings down staff turnover as well. Get in touch with a professional custodial service today to keep your restroom clean and hygienic!

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