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Tips for How to Clean Your Office

Tips For How To Clean Your Office

How and how often to clean an office are often hard things to decide. With the current Pandemic, having things sanitized, disinfected, and cleaned properly is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. So, what’s the difference? Cleaning is simply just dusting a surface of dust. Sanitizing is cutting down on viruses and bacteria but doesn’t necessarily kill them. Disinfecting is killing all viruses, bacteria, and fungus that can spread and make employees sick.

At MC Janitorial, Lenexa commercial cleaning service, we can provide some or all of these services based on your office needs.

We have provided a few tips for how an office is to be cleaned to protect employees:

  • Wipe in one direction. This is to protect the surface from spreading germs from one area to another. Make sure to wipe any surface that gets touch a lot throughout the day, such as door handles.
  • Have a good handle on what cleaners do what jobs. Some cleaners do not kill germs at all, and some kill most germs. Knowing what kind of surface you are cleaning and the need for a disinfectant for that specific is important to assure the best results. At MC Janitorial, a Lenexa commercial cleaning service, we are experts at which surface needs which cleaners.

Lenexa commercial cleaning service


  • Items most touched in an office are computer keyboards, mouse, phones, and the copy machine. Disinfecting these will greatly cut back on shared germs throughout the office.
  • Require good handwashing and sanitizer of your employees. You can make sanitizer more easily accessible in high traffic areas such as outside a bathroom or in the breakroom. Placing one right inside the door as people come in or out of the office is a great placement too. Make sure the soap you use is dispensed hands-free to minimize touching the container. The sanitizer does also has a minimal content of alcohol to make it efficient.
  • Purchasing the right cleaning products to do the job is important. At MC Janitorial, the best office cleaning service in Lenexa, we know products and which ones are the best. You want a product that includes the right chemicals to kill bacteria. Suppose you are cleaning the office with products that don’t do this; it’s defeating the purpose and wasting your time. Some products simply aren’t’ safe in certain areas, such as areas in which people eat.

Lenexa commercial cleaning service

The process of cleaning an office properly is overwhelming and choosing a Lenexa commercial cleaning service, like MC Janitorial, is a great option to keep your office healthy and clean for your employees. Call us today for a quote at 913780-0731, or sign up on our website to give your office an office cleaning service in Lenexa.






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