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How Does Office Cleanliness Improve Productivity?

How Does Office Cleanliness Improve Productivity?

As an employer, it’s your responsibility to provide your people with a workplace that make a positive impact on their health, safety, productivity, and overall satisfaction. One way to do that is to keep your office clean and hygienic and do it consistently with the help of commercial cleaning services in Kansas City.
It may seem like an added cost, but this business expense will allow you to secure the profitability of your company.

How Office Cleanliness Improves Workplace Productivity

Data shows that the average employee loses up to 5 working days annually due to sickness, this sickness can be caused by lack of hygiene in the workplace. Excessive absenteeism decreases the productivity of your company, which can negatively affect company finances and morale.

Absenteeism rates increase during cold and flu season. Some could get the flu by touching objects or surfaces that have the flu virus on them and touching their mouth, nose, or eyes afterward. Flu viruses can stay on dirty surfaces, like work desks or equipment for up to 24 hours.

Minimizing exposure to sickness-causing bacteria can help employees stay healthy. A clean office contributes to boosting productivity in various ways, including:

Increased focus – a clean work environment has less clutter, dirt, and dust that could potentially distract employees. They can concentrate more on their work within a tidy workplace.

Less time wasted – an organized, clean office allows people to find certain documents easily, reducing the time they spend rummaging through a pile of different office items.

Improved morale – working in a clean, healthy office can make employees happier. Being happy with their job motivates them to do more and have a positive attitude.

The Office Spots that Host Germs


Germs can be anywhere, but certain areas carry more of them than the others. Focus on cleaning the spots that host different infectious germs, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and others.

The areas that carry most germs are those with high traffic. These are the places where many different people touch the same surfaces and objects. The common hot spots for germs in an office include:

Elevator buttons

Before you even enter your office you could be exposed to harmful germs. Elevator buttons harbor organisms at high rates. Data shows that 61 percent of elevator buttons are contaminated with bacteria. Exposure to high-touch areas may make people sick due to contact with viruses from other people.

Office doors

You’re not the only employee who touches the door handles in your office. That’s why door handles are a common source of indirect contamination. Germs can spread throughout your office building within a few hours. That’s why you should encourage more people to keep washing their hands regularly and thoroughly sanitize handles.

The amount of bacteria on a door handle varies, depending on the material used. For instance, bare metal door handles may be inhibitory to microbes, especially when uncoated and unpainted.

Work desks

An average office desk contains 400 times more germs than a toilet seat. This indicates that employees are likely to be at risk of sickness caused by dirty desks. Encourage your employees to regularly wipe down their desks using disinfectant wipes – especially during cold and flu season.


Most of your employees spend their lunch or coffee break in the breakroom. It’s crucial to keep everything in this area, from the table and chairs to coffee mugs, sanitized to reduce the spread of bacteria.

The refrigerator in your pantry can also host bacteria, especially if it has food items that have been stored for a long time. The temperature of your refrigerator contributes to bacteria growth, as well. Storing food in temperatures between 40° F and 140° F doubles the bacteria growth in just 20 minutes.

Boost Productivity with a Clean Office


Keeping your office clean should be a two-factor process. Educate your employees on how they can manage their valuables in a way that won’t affect their productivity. You can also create company policies that encourage everyone in the office to maintain cleanliness.

Additionally, hiring a professional commercial cleaning company provides a great help in keeping your workplace tidy and minimizes germ contaminations. A team of professionals can perform a thorough inspection of your office to determine which areas have the most germs and need regular sanitation. Professionals also have the right tools and skills in killing bacteria properly without compromising your business operations.

MC Janitorial offers comprehensive commercial cleaning services to help you keep your office spotless, allowing you to work efficiently. Our team will coordinate with you to learn more about your facility and understand its needs. We will design a cleaning strategy that will address your unique requirements.

We are a KCMO Small Local Business Enterprise, a Women Business Enterprise (SLBE/WBE) and an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Outreach cleaner in the state. Our team works with facilities in different industries, including offices, schools, and medical facilities. We also use environmentally-friendly methods and equipment that has made us Green Certified cleaning specialists.

Contact us today to get a free quote.

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