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Harmful Chemicals in Commercial Cleaners

Harmful Chemicals In Commercial Cleaners

Some cleaners that you might use for your business or home can be incredibly dangerous if not administered correctly. Many companies use cleaners that do the job but leave behind toxic chemicals and dangerous side effects for those that come in contact with the areas. This affects not only your employees but also your customers. At MC Janitorial, one of the leading commercial property cleaning services in Lenexa, we are aware of toxic cleaners and do our best to use the greenest cleaners available that do the job. Here are some potentially toxic ingredients that are commonly used by commercial cleaning services in Lenexa.


  1. Fragrances are in most cleaning products and can hurt people’s eyes, lungs, and skin. Not only does it affect those cleaning the area, but other people that are around the area, such as other employees and customers.
  2. Sodium Acid Sulfate is a chemical that can hurt the eyes, lungs, and even skin if you come into contact with it.

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  1. Disinfectants can have bleach and alcohol that may severely burn your eyes, skin, and lungs if inhaled. Making sure you are wearing proper protective equipment is a must if you plan on using these types of cleaners on your own. At MC Janitorial, we offer high-quality commercial cleaning services in Lenexa, and we understand the importance of being careful with cleaners and have earned a clean green seal of approval.
  2. Butyl glycol is a cleaning agent that is used to degrease surfaces but can cause severe if not deadly reactions if ingested. It can damage the lungs, eyes, and central nervous system, which can cause irrevocable damage in some instances.
  3. Ammonia-based cleaners can be fatal if ingested and can cause lung irritation. It is efficient in cleaning; however, when you weigh the benefits of cleaning potential with the health cost, it is not worth the risk.


All these chemicals in cleaners are efficient at cleaning, but when you weigh the cost of public health, you have to consider all the potential risks. At MC Janitorial, we have the highest standard for clean but also use the safest cleaners to ensure that your business is both clean and your customers and staff are safe.


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MC Janitorial, offers premium commercial cleaning services in Lenexa, and has done so for over 35 years throughout the metro. Our staff is highly trained to create a safe work environment for your facility. Give us a call or visit our website to get a free quote on commercial property cleaning services in Lenexa.





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