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The Changes to Commercial Cleaning Services in Overland Park Due to Covid-19

The Changes To Commercial Cleaning Services In Overland Park Due To Covid-19

The impact of Covid-19 has been felt by almost every industry worldwide, and that is especially true for companies that specialize in Overland Park commercial cleaning services. Standard cleaning practices are not considered good enough after seeing how fast the coronavirus spread throughout much of 2020. Here are some of the ways that janitorial services in Overland Park have changed in order to meet today’s higher cleaning standards.

EPA Approved Products

Nearly all Overland Park janitorial services have adjusted to the times and are now exclusively using EPA-approved products. Only EPA cleaning products will ensure that the germs which cause Covid-19 are safely removed. Many EPA products can take up to 10 minutes to thoroughly disinfect a surface, so cleaning jobs can longer overall, which means Overland Park office cleaning services may take longer than they did previously.

Overland Park commercial cleaning services

Cleaning Frequency

Once the pandemic hit, janitorial services had to increase cleaning frequency for their clients. The normal routine for many cleaning service companies was to clean and disinfect a client’s space once a day. There might be a quick stop at the office in the middle of the day to empty trash cans and other light cleaning, but for the most part, many janitorial services and their clients were happy with the once-a-day routine.

Today many Overland Park office commercial cleaning services will make at least two stops a day at their clients’ offices to ensure that they are thoroughly disinfected. It is common to see a janitorial service on-site first thing in the morning before regular business hours and then again at night after business hours.

Overland Park commercial cleaning services

Extra Protection for Workers

No doubt you have seen or heard how critical PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is for our healthcare workers, but it is also vital for anyone constantly exposed to germs that could cause Covid-19. So janitorial service workers are very much at risk to the virus if they are not using proper PPE. Many Overland Park janitorial services require their workers to use new gloves, masks, and face shields multiple times throughout their shifts to ensure that they stay as safe as possible while on the job.

Overland Park commercial cleaning services

If your business could benefit from one of the premier green cleaning services in Overland Park, contact our team at MC Janitorial. With over 35 years of office cleaning service in Overland Park area, MC Janitorial will ensure that your workspace remains spotless, but more importantly, safe for all your employees.

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