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Keeping Your Break Room Clean; Tips from an Overland Park Cleaning Company

Keeping Your Break Room Clean; Tips From An Overland Park Cleaning Company

If you have ever worked in an office that has a shared kitchen or break room, then you can relate to the struggle of keeping it clean. When so many are using the space to relax, eat a meal or snack, as well as store food, things can get real messy and fast.

This is why it is essential, especially in the time of a pandemic, to hire a commercial janitorial company in Overland Park to come to your break room and give it a good scrub regularly. Here are our top tips for keeping your break room clean in-between professional cleans.

Have Proper Storage and Organization

Rule number one for any commercial cleaning service in Overland Park is to make sure everything gets put away when unsure. This means you will need plenty of supply storage that is clearly labeled and organized.

For instance, there should be a place for napkins, trash bags, cleaning supplies, soap, and paper towels. They should be easy to see so that employees can clean up quickly after their lunch. This way, things get put back into place, and people can find suitable materials to clean up after themselves. It’s a good idea to state expectations to employees through email or a sign posted on the door so that everyone is sure what their job is when using the breakroom.

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Have Plenty of Supplies

Many people intend to wipe off the cabinet or wash a dish, but if they can’t find the soap, or you are out of paper towels, they end up leaving the mess behind. Make sure the break room always has plenty of supplies and they are organized so that they can be seen quickly.

Another big problem spot in the breakroom, according to a commercial cleaning service in Overland Park, is trash. Make sure your breakroom has a trashcan near every door and that it is taken out regularly to avoid spills, bacteria build-up, or excessive trash. This can also be quite smelly throughout the day or overnight if people dump food in the trash.

Hire Commercial Janitorial Companies in Overland Park to Help Clean

Many employers make the mistake of thinking that they can cut costs by having their current employees split up the work and clean up the breakroom. However, they find that their employees are often already overworked and hurrying to eat, with little time for clean-up. This means that cleaning the breakroom is often pushed off as a low priority.

But did you know that the breakroom is an easy place to spread germs and sickness throughout your organization? Hiring commercial janitorial companies in Overland Park to clean and sanitize your space regularly cuts back on employee illness and sick time is taken off work.


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At MC Janitorial, a top Overland Park office cleaning service, we understand that even the employees with the best intentions can leave a mess behind. Make sure your office stays professionally clean and sanitized to keep your employees happy and healthy.

Give us a call at (913) 488-9211 or visit our website to fill out a form to receive a free quote on our services. We will show you all the benefits of working with a premier Overland Park cleaning company.

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