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Getting Your Office “Winter Ready” with a Commercial Cleaning Service in Overland Park

Getting Your Office “Winter Ready” With A Commercial Cleaning Service In Overland Park

Wintertime can wreak havoc on your home and office environment. There are also some hazards that you need to prepare for to make sure your office stays safe throughout the winter season. Be sure and hire a commercial cleaning service in Overland Park before winter hits to ensure that you can keep up with all the problems winter can bring.

At MC Janitorial, a leading Overland Park janitorial service, we understand winter can bring extra work to your office employees when it comes to maintaining a clean office environment. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Clean Your HVAC and Ducts

In the winter months, the office will be closed off, and you will be relying on the HVAC system to provide recirculated and clean air. Not only will having your HVAC system cleaned help it run better and more efficiently, but it will help the air to be cleaner.

When the air is cleaner, you will have healthier employees and that means less sick time. Another benefit of hiring an Overland Park office cleaning company is after they are done cleaning, your office will smell amazing!

Commercial Cleaning Service in Overland Park

Slick Flooring Solutions Provided by Janitorial Services in Overland Park

If you have a floor that becomes slick when it’s wet, it might be wise to examine your floorcare solutions. Due to snow, ice, rain, and sleet being a regular part of Midwest winters, the likelihood of having wet floors is a real possibility. Not are wet floors a danger to your employees and customers, but they will also cost you way more if there’s a serious accident or injury.

Make sure you have a company hired to clear snow out of your parking lot and walkways. This will stop people from tracking in excess amounts of water from outdoors. Additionally, lay down some ice, salt, or sand to mitigate any potential falling hazards on your walkways.

Once indoors, you should provide some slip-proof mats to remove any remaining liquid from people’s shoes and stop people from tracking water beyond the door and throughout the building. These two preventative measures will save you significant costs over time.

Removing Salt and Sand

It’s important to use ice and sand on the walkways, but once it is tracked inside, it can be damaging to your flooring. It stains the carpet and leaves marks on tiles. This means it’s equally imperative that you clean up the floors after the end of the day or schedule an Overland Park commercial cleaning service to come in at the end of the day to take care of this winter mess for you.

Commercial Cleaning Service in Overland Park

At MC Janitorial, one of the top-rated Overland Park janitorial services, we understand winter weather and the messes that it can create for your office. We want to help keep your office safe and clean this winter.

Give us a call at (913) 488-9211 or visit our website to get a quote on our services. We look forward to providing your office with some of the best cleaning services in the Overland Park area.

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