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Hospital-grade disinfectant fogging for as little as ONE CENT per square foot!

Disinfectant foggingMany Kansas City area janitorial and disaster recovery companies are using fear and the Coronavirus to charge outrageous amounts for disinfectant fogging services. Now is a time for healthy workspaces, not price-gouging and profiteering. (see article here)

If you are a current client of MC Janitorial, our price for electrostatic or regular disinfectant fogging service is just ONE CENT per square foot. If you’re not a client but are open to receiving a proposal to become one, the price is only TWO CENTS per square foot. Non-clients not interested in a proposal pay only FOUR CENTS per square foot, still well below what others are charging.

And if you sign-up to become a client, the first fogging is free.

Like our other MC Janitorial services, our disinfectant fogging teams are trained employees, NOT sub-contractors.

Please note, there is a $250 minimum charge (if not a client).


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