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Is Your Office Ready for The Holidays with a Lenexa Office Cleaning Service?

Is Your Office Ready For The Holidays With A Lenexa Office Cleaning Service?

The holiday season is upon us, and many offices like to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other big upcoming holidays as a company. Some offices choose to go to a restaurant to celebrate, but most offices choose to do a working holiday where they order food during working hours and celebrate throughout the workday.

Therefore, it’s important to book a commercial janitorial company in Lenexa ahead of time to help. Here are a few things to consider when trying to plan a holiday party for your office.


Many people opt to bring some greenery to liven up the space. This creates a festive environment but also smells good too. However, this choice often brings a slew of broken needles and leaves a mess everywhere. Greenery also produces a sticky sap that clings to surfaces long after the holiday season and is difficult to clean off. This means your staff must take extra time to clean up, sweep, and vacuum as the season progresses, especially if you don’t have a Lenexa office cleaning service.

Commercial Cleaning Service in Lenexa

Glitter is another common addition to holiday décor that can cause problems if you aren’t careful. Glitter sticks to everyone and everything. It always seems to find its way onto office chairs, carpet, surfaces, and clothes. Glitter can be quite a nuisance and cleaning it up is a pain. Give a commercial cleaning service in Lenexa, like MC Janitorial, a call to clean up after your holiday season or to get a good clean before you start the season.

Pre and Post Party Clean up

If you plan on bringing in food or having it delivered, it’s a good idea to have a janitorial service in Lenexa come into your office before and after your party. Think about all the people, food, and bacteria that can live on surfaces and spread through the year. When you have a Lenexa janitorial service come in beforehand, they can sanitize all surfaces, wipe down counters and tables, etc., so that any surface you set food on is properly cleaned. After the party, they can do the same thing, while cleaning up spilled and stuck-on food as well.

Trash is a big problem after a party. Once all the food containers, wrapping paper, and disposable decorations are put in the trash, they can pile up quickly. Many times it equates to more work than a normal work week’s total trash accumulation. When you hire a commercial janitorial company in Lenexa for your business’s holiday party clean-up, you get a perfect clean, with no extra work for your employees.

Commercial Cleaning Service in Lenexa

At MC Janitorial, offers some of the top commercial cleaning services in Lenexa. We have seasoned professionals and flexible schedules that allow us to clean your office or commercial space at a convenient time.

The holidays are a busy time for everyone and hiring a professional to clean your space allows everyone, including your employees, to enjoy the season without extra work. We can do special one-time cleans or clean your office on a regular and convenient schedule. Give us a call at (913) 488-9211 or visit our website to get a free quote on services to help you this holiday season!

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