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All About Cleaning Commercial Floors with an Overland Park Office Cleaning service

All About Cleaning Commercial Floors With An Overland Park Office Cleaning Service

There are many types of commercial floors that your business might have. Here is a list of the most used commercial floors and the best ways to clean them according to MC Janitorial, a leader among commercial cleaning services in Overland Park.

Tile Floors

This is the most popular form of the commercial floor for businesses. The best way to clean this type of flooring is with water, a mop buffer, and tile cleaner. Ensuring you have the right cleaner for the job is imperative if you want a shiny, squeaky-clean floor.

Vinyl Floors

According to many Overland Park janitorial services, many businesses use vinyl floors in places with high traffic. It is extremely versatile as it comes in many different design options and is easy to install and replace. Special care has to be given when you consider cleaning a vinyl floor.

You first must choose an appropriate cleaner that does not contain any ingredients that are too strong or have granules, which are small particles that could rip or scratch the vinyl. You may need to clean the area gently more than once instead of in one swoop like with a tile or concrete floor. It’s important that after you clean the floors that you dry them as well.

Overland Park Office cleaning service

Concrete Floors

This is a common option for really high-traffic areas that need to be water-resistant. Warehouses and restaurants are among the most popular places for concrete floors. Although it may seem like this type of floor should be very low maintenance, it actually does take some work to keep clean. You must sweep it off every day so that small particles do not scratch or break down the surface over time. Besides the daily sweep, if you want to keep the floor looking shiny, use a specific cleaner for concrete floors, water, and a mop.

Carpet Floors

Carpeted commercial floors are usually not the first choice when picking out flooring for your business space according to Overland Park janitorial services. Carpet does not handle high traffic as well as some of the other flooring, but it is a less expensive option and can absorb sound in large spaces. This makes it a great option in some circumstances.

Depending on what kind of dirt or stain depends on how you will clean your commercial carpeting. If you just have crumbs and loose debris, it’s easy to run a commercial vacuum over the carpet to remove any loose material or better yet hire janitorial services in Overland Park to do the task.

Suppose there are stains or marks on the carpet. You can choose to use dry shampoo or wet shampoo on the carpet and clean the area with a commercial carpet cleaner. This is a much more intensive step-by-step process and hiring an Overland Park Office cleaning service would be a good option to save yourself time. Professional cleaners will make sure to follow the correct process and use the right products to ensure the carpet fibers are not damaged.

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Wood Floors

Wood flooring is made of natural materials and can handle high traffic areas. However, wood floors can get damaged, scuffed, and scratched easily if they are not properly cared for.

Cleaning wood floors can also be a bit higher maintenance than some of the other flooring. You must first start by cleaning the floor and removing any debris with a broom or a fiber cloth sweeper. Use a damp mop to loosen any dirt from the surface of the wood floors and dry the floor completely when you are finished.

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At MC Janitorial, an Overland Park office cleaning service, we have the highest standard for a clean and healthy workplace. We know that maintaining floors is a big piece of a clean office. Knowing how to keep floors clean while preserving their lifespan is key to keeping your office running smoothly. We also offer cutting-edge green cleaning services in Overland Park that are both safe and effective for your employees and the environment.

If you would like to add professional office cleaning services to your business, contact us today at (913) 780-0731 or contact us online for more information.

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