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Two Common Health Hazards You Need to Prevent at Your Business

Two Common Health Hazards You Need To Prevent At Your Business


When you own a business, there can be many health hazards due to being open to the general public. However, there are specific dangers to your staff and customers if you don’t have a regular commercial cleaning service in Overland Park. Keeping everyone safe at your business is essential; therefore, hiring Overland Park janitorial services from MC Janitorial will reduce the risk of sickness or serious accidents at your business.

This article will outline two of the most important areas that need to be addressed at any business: Trash & Floors.


Trash that is overflowing or isn’t taken out regularly has many dangers. It can grow and harbor bacteria that can cause illnesses. Once one person gets sick it can snowball into your entire staff needing to take off days from work.

Trash can also start to leak or smell, causing foul odors and be a hazard for people walking by. Slipping, falling, and even tripping on trash are all a danger that can be easily avoided by hiring a regular commercial cleaning service in Overland Park to take care of it. Professionals cleaning services can keep your staff and customers safe in a clean and fresh working environment.

When you have a public trashcan, the truth is there can be many dangerous things that can be thrown away and potentially infect another person. Many objects found in public trash cans can be dangerous if not handled by a trained expert. Disposing of them properly is critical to keeping everyone safe.

janitorial services in Overland Park


With spring rains and storms still working their way through the Midwest, it’s common for people to track in water, dirt, and other contaminants onto their floors. This can be a serious hazard as people can slip on these surfaces easily, causing bodily harm.

When floors are cleaned regularly by professional janitorial services in Overland Park like MC Janitorial, you cut down significantly on this workplace danger. Dirt can cause the surface to wear down much quicker and may result in the floor needing replaced. Hiring an office cleaning company in Overland Park will keep your floors in the best possible condition and improve their lifespan.

By hiring professionals, you show your customers and your staff how much you value their time, safety, and business. Preventing potential hazards is a way to show your appreciation to everyone that comes through your doors. It also makes your business look and smell clean, which is an added bonus.

janitorial services in Overland Park

At MC Janitorial, one of the top janitorial services in Overland Park, we know that a clean facility contributes to a healthier environment for everyone. We deliver a cleaner and healthier facility with a responsive and hassle-free experience so that your business operations are never interrupted.

Our staff is trained to understand the unique needs of different types of facilities. We even offer green cleaning services in Overland Park for eco-conscious businesses. Call us today at (913) 488-9211 or visit our website to fill out a contact form and receive a free quote.

We look forward to delivering a spotless clean to your facility!

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