Tips to Deal with Office Allergies at Work

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Office Allergies at Work Do you know allergies are the fifth leading cause of chronic disease in United States? This explains that nearly 50 million Americans suffer from chronic disease every day. And dealing with allergies seems very difficult during working hours when your eyes are itchy, your nose is running or with repetitive sneezing. Allergies at work must be taken seriously to keep your employees and yourself away from the time eating allergens.

According to the office cleaning companies, allergies are caused due to dust mites, pollen, mold spores, fumes (from aerosols, chemicals and cleaning agents), perfume and other scented products. Even if your office is fume free, residual smoke that lingers on a co-worker who has smoked during the interval can trigger a reaction if one of your employees is sensitive to this allergen.

To avoid loss of production, hire office cleaning services weekly once. But you can maintain your office clean daily following these easy tips.

  • Clean your work place regularly with a disinfectant wipe
  • If your office has high humidity, run a dehumidifier to reduce the risk of mold growth
  • Keep your workplace well ventilated
  • Ask your employees to keep their desk clean to avoid dust allergies
  • Avoid eating inside the cabin to reduce mice attack
  • Grow indoor plants to keep the environment clean by removing harmful toxins

All these tips will keep allergens away from your workplace till a reputable and green commercial janitorial services offering firm reach your office at weekends.

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