Do You Think You and Your Colleagues are the Only Professionals Working Overtime at Your Office Space? Then You are Wrong!

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A new research by the University of Arizona shockingly revealed that the contamination of a single doorknob or tabletop resulted in the rapid distribution of the virus throughout an office building, hotel and healthcare facility. Researches also reveal that the flu, cold and even stomach bugs in the workplace seem to spread fast, hence office cleaning is essential.

You won’t believe if I say, “Within two to four hours, between 40 to 60% of the fomites sampled were contaminated with virus.” Germs and bacteria work overtime and contaminate fomites or surfaces prone to infectious organisms include desks, phones, computers and related equipment, light switches, coffee pot handles and various other inanimate objects. Also, businesses can gain a negative reputation with a poor office restroom experience.

Tips to Protect Your Office against Germs          

Did you know a desk is home to some of the dirtiest, most germ-infested things in the workplace? Ensure sanitation supplies such as disinfectants and sanitizing wipes are around to clean your desk and keyboard saturated with germs. During a cleaning service, make sure to give a special treatment to your desk.

Place hand sanitizer at entrances, receptionist desks and conference rooms to decrease the spread of diseases from person to person by touching door handles, elevator buttons and bathroom faucets. Remind your employees about the minor things they can do by installing sign boards displaying prevention tips or sanitation protocols.

Also, hire a reliable and professional commercial cleaning service to make sure that your office space is properly dusted to help keep your workplace as healthy as possible.

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