A Simple Guide to Keep Your Desk Organized

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Keep Your Desk Organized“A messy desk is a symbol of imagination and creativity,” an excuse from a lazy employee who hates to deal with the mountain of papers and knickknacks normally piled on his/her desk. But the bitter truth is clutter can really influence the way you work. This is the reason why many firm hire commercial janitorial services regularly to keep the workplace tidy.

Remember, Cleanliness = Productivity = More Revenue

Let’s get into the topic, here are the simple tips to a clutter-free desk, read now and keep your desk spic and span.

1. Keep a trash box within your reach. If it is far from your desk, you will surely go for trashcan paper toss, so make sure that you can quickly and easily reach the trash box from your desk.

2. Schedule regular cleaning time. Clean your desk habitually by clearing all those unwanted papers, sticky notes, knickknacks and snacks.

3. Organize important files and papers either in drawers, project jackets, poly file folders or other manila folders. And never forget to label each file and store them in alphabetical order to avoid future clutters.

4. One of the best ways to keep your desk tidy is to clean your desk at the end of the day. Limit photo frames on your desk which might be a distraction during your busy schedule.

5. At the end of the week, go through your filing cabinet and prune any files you don’t think you’ll ever need again.

Along with hiring office cleaning services, you must follow all the above tips to keep enjoying a clutter free environment in your workplace.

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