Commercial Cleaning Checklist – Make Sure Everything Gets Cleaned

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Whether you own a small scale, mid-sized or large scale business, clean office makes a statement about the nature of your business. And also, it conveys how tidy your work is. So, make the best possible impression on your existing as well as potential customers by keeping a well-planned schedule on your office cleaning tasks. Here is a checklist that helps you to plan your cleaning chores on monthly, weekly and daily basis. Read now and act wisely.

Monthly Cleaning Lists

  • Vacuum all vents, fabric chairs, and deep clean surface areas.
  • Dust all high surfaces.
  • If possible, clean the fabric chairs.

Weekly Cleaning Lists

  • Clean the refrigerator and disinfect all trash receptacles.
  • Sponge glass windows inside and out.
  • Buff and polish all hardwood surfaces such as conference tables, floors and so on.

Daily Cleaning Lists

  • Vacuum daily debris from tiles and other floor areas.
  • Empty waste bins and add new liners.
  • Clean painted surfaces as needed.
  • Wipe baseboards, light switches and door handles.
  • Clean all reflective surfaces including glass, brass and mirrors.
  • Sprinkle some room freshener after cleaning the rooms.

Following these monthly, weekly and daily cleaning lists maintain a healthier and happier workplace. Disinfecting and wiping the surfaces weekly reduces the impact of flu and cold viruses thus reducing the downtime for company employees. Apart from hiring commercial cleaning services, encourage your employees to maintain their desk tidy supporting a cleaner environment.

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