Is Your Business Ready for Winter?

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Winter is the perfect time of the season to bundle up inside but can create quite the mess when it comes to office cleaning. The slush on the ground and the wet weather conditions maximize the amount of moisture brought indoors and can affect the cleaning routine of your building. Keeping your office spic and span throughout the winter is necessary because infectious germs and diseases can be easily spread during this time of the year which in turn affects the productivity of your business. So, here we bring you a brief list of winter cleaning tips to keep your workplace spotless and healthy.

Parking Lot

Whether you shovel the snow by yourself or through a plow service, it’s important for your business to maintain a clean exterior environment so that dirt and debris won’t get tracked in. Keep your parking lot free from snow and ice by using a chemical drier, road salt or calling a professional service.


Add entrance mats as a first level of defense for your business to avoid dust and slush entering your office. Regularly sweep, vacuum and clean to keep the dust, salt and moist off of the floors to avoid any bacterial and mold growth.

Air Quality

Many environment research reports say that the indoor air can have up to five times more pollutants than outdoor air. Effective cleaning and maintenance of your HVAC system helps you to reduce the circulation of germs and dirt throughout your office space.

While you can take good care of your office space by cleaning it yourself, hiring a professional commercial cleaning service is a more productive way to ensure a healthy working environment for your employees.

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