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Don’t Become Another Disinfectant Fog Victim

Don’t Become Another Disinfectant Fog Victim

It’s sad but many commercial janitorial companies and disaster recovery companies are using fear and the Coronavirus to charge outrageous amounts to fog and disinfect workspaces. Now is a time to ensure healthy workspaces. It’s not a time for price-gouging and profiteering.

Recently we were brought in to disinfect half of a 100,000 square foot building for a client. We charged just $500 for our 50,000 square feet. The tenant in the other half used another well-known company and paid $3,000.00 for the same amount of space. And we included the bathrooms and kitchen areas.

If you are a current client of MC Janitorial, our price for electrostatic or regular fogging is just ONE CENT per square foot. If you’re not a client but need fogging, the price is only FIVE CENTS per square foot ($100 minimum charge if not a client). And if you sign-up to become a client, the first fogging is free.

The fog of confusion surrounding the Coronavirus is enough by itself. We want to make the choice to stay healthy as clear as possible.


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