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5 Questions To Ask A Prospective Leawood Building Janitor

If you find yourself in need of a Leawood building janitor, there are numerous questions that must be answered in order to minimize the typical problems that take place along the way. When you are not asking your prospective Leawood building janitor the right questions, you are increasing the chances of making a hire that you may one day regret.

There are a few crucial questions that need to be asked of any Leawood building janitor in order to ensure a successful union between employer and employee. By reading on to learn more, you can properly educate yourself on these matters.

What Job Tasks Can You Handle?

A janitor's primary objective is to maintain a business and keep it looking as tidy as possible at all times. Before you entrust the aesthetic appeal of your business and its overall cleanliness to a janitor that cannot handle the job tasks you deem necessary, be sure to ask them about their level of experience and which job tasks they are able to handle. By being as transparent as possible about the tasks that you need the janitor to take care of, you can make a hire that makes perfect sense for all parties involved.

Why Do You Think You're a Suitable Sanitation Engineer?

This gives the janitor a chance to speak about their specific skills and let you know about their past experiences. Finding out more about their in depth knowledge is crucial to the hiring process and you should always give the janitor a chance to explain themselves in an open forum. The more you know about their specific experiences and their standard operating procedures, the more confident you will feel with the hire that you are making over both the short and long term.

What Is Your Patience Level?

A Leawood building janitor is not always going to be able to work under the cover of darkness and they will usually have to navigate their tasks while clients and customers are milling about. Does the janitor possess the patience to handle days like those? Find out more about their professional demeanor before making a hire, as their customer service skills go a long way towards determining their level of effectiveness.

How Do You Feel About Repeated Tasks?

A janitor is not always going to have the ability to switch up their tasks each day and you'll need to hire a janitor that is not going to be bothered by repeating the same tasks. The quality of work that you are receiving needs to be constant and when you do not choose a janitor that takes pride in their work even when they are repeating the same tasks over and over again, this can become problematic.

Can You Tell Us About Your Worst Experience?

By asking the janitor about their worst experiences from the past, you get a better idea of how they handle hindrances. If they are telling you their stories with a smile on their face and letting you know that they handled it with flying colors, this is a great sign. You need a janitor that handles unwanted experiences in a calm and patient way.


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